My control issues

I’m learning there’s much demand for short and sweet. I’m also learning there’s hardly ever any truth there. It takes a while. You have to wear the shoes a while to know if they fit. Same with truth.

Like I could say damn dawn was beautiful as it erupted across lake horizon this morning. But the words are flat tin cans because you really had to be there.

So that’s one reason for this mornings podcast. Which is up on the website but not the podcast app for some reason.

The gentle herbal laxatives worked wonders. Feel 10 Ibs lighter. If we owned a scale I’d confirm. I took 3x the recommended dose. I felt that backed up. Like I’d eat very little and feel super full and cramped.

I think I have some sort of order disorder. Or overarching control issue. More than one days supply of food in frig makes me anxious and I begin planning meals or I consider freezing options, which fills freezer space, making me more anxious. This guy on Sam Harris’ latest podcast says most people are most of the time motivated by a fear of scarcity, and that this is evolutionarily inherited.

Swim you reptilian worrier. Next time I’m leaving the watch in the car. I know I keep saying this. Again the control issue.

Check out the 20 minute podcast I’m dying to hear what ya think.