The paradox of serving others and letting career come to you

I love spending the 7-noon morning with the baby while Kate is working at Black Sheep Coffee. The little toothy diaper peanut is so squirrely and fun and gratifying.

Her fever has passed. And appetite returned. Blueberries, baked apples with walnuts, over easy eggs, Cheerios, ginger Kombucha.

Be positive. Be very careful with your words, Ry. And be even more careful with facial gestures. This is my project number 1 on the domestic front.

And also. Be kind to Tacoma even though he overheats on the morning run and annoyingly slow down. It’s not all about you, Ry.

Studies show happiness is haphazard and satisfaction simmers from serving others.

Work on being responsible and serving instead of pursuing my happiness me me me because in the end helping others bends makes metal me into chill chi me, paradoxically, at least according to this book I’m reading slmost done with called the 10% happier.

Hello mom. I still wish wish wish I could call you. I suppose you’re very pleased I’m after much ado returning to law. Not that you’re that kind of high achieve parent, but you kind of were. All those scholarships and what not. I hear you. Now I’m going to law to help people and also to make money for Kate and the baby and other peanuts who come down the line. But now it feels more like my decision and 6 years ago it didn’t.

Pulled chicken for dinner. Or more carbonated water and peanuts. I don’t know. Being full isn’t pleasurable. But being hungry and snacking is delectable.