Sautéed spinach

Short post. Not much time. Swim, run, eat baked apples, marital conference, eat sautéed spinach, make party salad, water park, shower, now party.

I guess that’s wrong. About not much time. There is the same amount of time. Just our perspective on time changes.

One big question. From Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson. It struck me immediately.

How much socioeconomic status are you willing to sacrifice in order to spend time with your child before she is three years old?

Bam. This is what Ellie says when we do a double high five.

Regarding the rat race in America. Applied to people who have kids. I’m asking because it’s inspiration number one for me to check the part time filter on Indeed jobs and Glassdoor.

My goal for the next few days is the same goal my mom laid out for me as a teenager. Think before I speak. And I’m adding a layer: then speak compassionately.