Miso soup and bar dues

109 over 54. Pulse is 39. 147ibs. 6 foot 1. Nodes on groin are weird but probably because I’m skinny. Moles normal. MCL probably stretched not torn. First doc visit in 4 years.

Another dose of lake therapy. Toes in at 5:40AM. Means alarm at 4:45. Time in water: 51:31. Was going to leave the watch in the car as insurance against racing the clock but on the south side when the chop chopped up, I started hauling. God good therapy. All the thoughts bubble up. The doctor explained that’s what lymph nodes are: the body’s trash cans for toxicity.

I called the MN Bar Association today. 6 years in unpaid licensing dues amounts to $1200. I inquired kindly about exceptions. We shall see. Is it possible to be a badass lawyer? Anything is possible if you stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, make your bed, work hard, patience, believe in yourself.

Caffeine is becoming an hourly necessity. Getting up at 445, I mean. Traditional Chinese Medicine says reliance on caffeine burns life energy too fast. But but but.

No buts. Life is a transaction of costs and benefits.

Kate ordered some books from Amazon. Jordan Peterson’s book made the list. And a Hand Maids Tale.

I’m trying to extinguish my reflexive negative judgment of people. Hold the door open to something anything positive. It’s tough because I wait a long time. Kate is skillful at reminding me. We’re both trying to be more gentle with each other. In casual conversation.

Miso soup and salad for dinner. Kate’s battling a summer head cold. Which means I’m trying to rev my immune system.

Tomorrow am is Black Sheep Coffee in the kitchen making sausage and bacon breakfast sandwiches and quiche dough and capitalizing on the coffee shop perks experimenting with espresso and honey vs espresso with half and half.

I’m pumped about law. Took 6 years. But I think I can be a badass and bull through the china shop. Thinking is the first step. The second step is taking a step based on that belief. They say everything after he first step is incrementally easier.