Self assessment at 4:21

4:10 PM.

Future career discernment teeters on thin ice after listening to Andrew Yang’s Audible book about the very very near future of automation and AI of not just trucker and McDonalds jobs but any and all jobs with repetitive behavior, including lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial analysts, and the like. Mind TNT. EllieRoo might never know fast food served by humans. Bots aren’t just the future. They’re already in trial restaurants. Uber is experimenting and predicting 2020 60% self driving fleet.

It’s not what you know, is who you know. Keeps proving true. At least for social success. If you value knowledge for its own sake, then yes, obviously, what you know is intrinsically valuable.

I need to be better about helping out, domestically, in a wide array of tasks. To sort this out, I’m going to make a list of all tasks. Help visualize. Help Type A mind.

Any ideas on what area of law would be wise and prudent and fun to specialize in?

I need to clip my nails. And put the clean sheets back on the bed.

Joe Rogan says reading has been supplanted by podcast. Maybe I should record this writing.

Maybe I’ll surprise Kate and hang the remaining picture frames. There’s a sizable chance she’d really rather not. Despite the good intent.

Ran 5 miles at 7 min mile. Give or take. Hills slow me down. Why run so hard? In the final analysis, I think it’s one tool in the former alcoholics tool kit.

I hope Uncle Mike gets better.

I hope I stop being lax and pushing tasks onto Kate’s plate.

I want to download the headspace app or meditate on my own.

I want to get on it and write a book about my experiences being a millennial and how my mom died and semi sobriety and the scam of higher education and the humbling education of marriage and the learning of open water swimming.

Toes in Lake Harriet tomorrow at 5:40.