Aloe Vera and bone broth

Hard hard sleep. Like sedated rhinoceros. 12 plus hours. Except brief moments of crying fever baby. Squeeze liquid ibuprophen. Back to sleep.

Woke up at 9.

Dissolving ego is the mutually agreed marital game. Which I guess means meditating while living in order to think about every word, action, emotion. Choose wisely, consciously.

Nothing to report from swim swim today. OFF. Of course I miss the water. But I can’t get up at 4am daily without severe daytime suffering.

I think automation is threatening many jobs, except I think there’s room for me and Kate to put out a podcast where we deliver real talk about life inside a small apartment in South Saint Paul and our grocery list and cleaning list and how we dialogue or don’t or bicker or don’t or divide time between parents or decide on time optimum level of fullness of the frig. All this real talk is compassion medicine if it’s truly honest and I don’t think it’s automatable.

As far as law goes, I’m meeting with someone who appears to be a badass attorney this week who specializes in recovery and addiction. Should be very interesting. I’m also going to write a letter to the MN Supreme act about my past due dues. $1200 for time I in grad school. I wasn’t even practicing. Seems like bureaucratic extortion.

Googled homeopathic ear infection remedy for baby. Also Googles What Is Ear Infection. I love learning. Onion ear muffs was one solution. Veggie broth another. So the stove was all burners on, this morning. Green beans simmering for tonight’s Grandpa dinner.

I’m drinking water with aloe Vera and apple cider vinegar and lime and fingers crossed I sidestep what Kate and the baby have.