#29: Going Solo as a Lawyer. I'm Terrified & Excited

If you're hungry for some fermented headspace, press play to hear me myself and I discussing the anxiety and excitement intertwined like a pretzel a la the decision to become a lawyer. I've been run walk swimming away from a legal career since I passed the Bar 6 years ago. Funny how we circle back on parts of ourselves we rejected. Like a mini heroes journey, without the accolades and press recognition. It's terrifying for sure. To be forging a new path. I'm young. My wife and daughter are relying on me. People are watching. But so it goes. No reward without risk. 

#28: Post pre-dawn lake swim brain blast

After a dawn circumnavigation of Lake Harriet, the cerebral serenity space streamlines thoughts on: the future of jobs a la automation, me and Kate pumping out a marital issues podcast series, life as a father, meditation and recognizing thoughts as semi-independent entities and some other scraggly loose ends. 

#26: My friend Bradley the artist who wore only blue for a year

After a conversation with my friend Bradley the artist who wore blue for a year, after a Thai Massage with a girl who doesn't check her cell phone for at least an hour after she wakes up, after listening to Joe Rogan and Johan Hari talk about depression as the result not of neurochemistry but ugly cultural furniture.....a sigh of hope, relief and possibility. To hell with self-limiting beliefs. Time to go big  dammit. 


#24: To Be Or Not To Be // The Job Search is the Most Deadening Thing Ever

 Looking for jobs is so deadening. But hey civilization is in this dead end situation, so go figure. For artistic millennials looking to enter the workforce, the logic is painful: damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I’m irresponsible if i don’t get a 9-5 bullshit job with health insurance, because I’m a father. And yet I’m miserable unless I do something I love. Which do we choose? Happiness or “responsibility?’
Is the solution to form a commune? Alan Watt's asks: What makes you tick? And he says do that.. Which is wonderful but doesn't help the 2 ton weight I'm feeling pressing down on my shoulders. 

#23: My Trip to the Psychoanalyst

I ask my friend Clark The Psychologist to give me the quick and dirty on Carl Jung last Friday night because the weekend before a wolf jumped out of my head or heart I'm not sure but I am sure that I pummeled the carpet in an unexplainable fit of rage and I wanted to know why and where it came from and what it means. Clark mentioned Carl Jung. I wanted to know more. Clark agreed to divulge. Our conversation includes glowing New Age hippie concepts like synchronicity, collective unconscious, and the shadow self—all derivative of Jung’s work. This podcast episode is a no curtain peek into the steamy shower of my naked mind. 

#22: How To Befriend Your Inner Wolf

This is the hero’s journey that I am (and have been) resisting resisting resisting. The dark and terrifying fear of failure. That the Alt Dad flops. That I resign myself to 9-5 corporate advertising. This podcast is a meditation on struggle and having your face in the dirt. Even Yoda says failure is the greatest of teachers.

Former Navy SEAL David Goggins says nothing good in life comes without suffering. Joe Rogan just interviewed Goggins and afterward said it was the greatest podcast he’s ever recorded. Isn’t this suffering story the hero’s journey? Jesus’s trip to the Cross. Frodo and the Ring. Rocky vs. Apollo Creed.

I’m super amped about this podcast right here. I’d say it’s my finest thus far. Focused, flamboyant, flippant, and fearless. Oo rah. 


I've been working this beast of an essay for a while now. Afraid to put it out. The long subtitle is "The Hidden Psychology of a Straight Man, #MeToo, and the Rape Epidemic." I was considering just going short and sweet, no subtitle. But for those of you who want more direction, here you go. I think this conversation is important. And I think the cultural conversation is closeted. For all sorts of reasons. If you want to hear about it, click the play button, sit back, and relax. 

Episode 16: Allie, Alison and the College Check-In

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary podcast, Ryan Loveeachother speaks with two local college students, Allie and Alison. The conversation begins with career goals, and the uncertainty running through the accompanying thought process, especially as a result of parent/social pressure. Then, Allie and Alison share their relationship status and discuss the complexities of not dating/dating, respectively. In the last few minutes, the ladies comment on an observed trend of disingenuous bi-sexuality/lesbianism amongst their female college counterparts. Since publication of the remainder of the conversation risks their skin (and mine), we've cut and archived it for the time being. That said, expect a sequel podcast with Allie and Alison to touch topics like vegetarianism, relationships of adult children to their/our parents, depression, anxiety, technology and probably much more. 

Episode 15: Public Diary. Why? Alt Dad Explains

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary, Ryan Loveeachother discusses what motivated him to go public with the diary. Why not just journal privately? What's driving the compulsion to emote? Narcissim? Altruism? On the way to an explanation, pit stops include the following topics: porn addiction, alcoholism, Victorian prudeishness at the heart of middle class white shame and more. 

Episode 14: Post-Massage High

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary podcast, Ryan Loveeachother sings the anthem of post-massage endorphin bliss. Honest to god, this really is me at my happiest. Cotton-candy light in the upstairs, I unpack what it means to feel anxiety, depression and fatigue evaporate from my mental mindscape. 

Episode 13: Hacking The Present & Erasing the Past

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary, Ryan Loveeachother dips his toe in the hot chemical water of a current political conversation. Namely: should confederate statutes be removed from public spaces? After a few minutes of broiling bath water, the conversation moves on. The other main topic of this early AM talk is an attention hack to increase happiness, mood and overall life satisfaction. 

Episode 12: Brotha Sista FaceTime

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary podcast, Ryan Loveeachother speaks with his sister, Carol Fraase. Also a brand spankin new parent. Their conversation slides around a fair bit, as all good talks should. Major pieces of conversational furniture include: marital satisfaction after having a baby, hospital delivery, in-law anxiety, grief as PTSD, social life (or lack thereof) as a working/breastfeeding mom, medicated middle schoolers, psychedelics and of course, almond butter. Enjoy.

Episode 11: Being a New Dad with a Dead Mom

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary, Ryan Loveeachother is kitchen-table interviewed by his sister Alexandra McLaughlin on the question of how grief exacerbates parenting anxiety, early childhood memories, sadness, joy and more. This Q & A is a bit longer than most of Ryan's ADD assaults on the microphone, and a bit more focused.