Episode 16: Allie, Alison and the College Check-In

In this episode of The Alt Dad Diary podcast, Ryan Loveeachother speaks with two local college students, Allie and Alison. The conversation begins with career goals, and the uncertainty running through the accompanying thought process, especially as a result of parent/social pressure. Then, Allie and Alison share their relationship status and discuss the complexities of not dating/dating, respectively. In the last few minutes, the ladies comment on an observed trend of disingenuous bi-sexuality/lesbianism amongst their female college counterparts. Since publication of the remainder of the conversation risks their skin (and mine), we've cut and archived it for the time being. That said, expect a sequel podcast with Allie and Alison to touch topics like vegetarianism, relationships of adult children to their/our parents, depression, anxiety, technology and probably much more.