#22: How To Befriend Your Inner Wolf

This is the hero’s journey that I am (and have been) resisting resisting resisting. The dark and terrifying fear of failure. That the Alt Dad flops. That I resign myself to 9-5 corporate advertising. This podcast is a meditation on struggle and having your face in the dirt. Even Yoda says failure is the greatest of teachers.

Former Navy SEAL David Goggins says nothing good in life comes without suffering. Joe Rogan just interviewed Goggins and afterward said it was the greatest podcast he’s ever recorded. Isn’t this suffering story the hero’s journey? Jesus’s trip to the Cross. Frodo and the Ring. Rocky vs. Apollo Creed.

I’m super amped about this podcast right here. I’d say it’s my finest thus far. Focused, flamboyant, flippant, and fearless. Oo rah.